Pushpa Bhuyan (Padmashree) ventured into the prestigious field of Classical Dances at a young age as a serious professional. She was the first Assamese to take up Bharat Natyam and embark on career oriented performances and recitals.

Pushpa was invited to perform in most of the Sabhas of Chennai with her Guru Kubernath Pillai as the Nattuvanar. Later as well, along with her three daughters she continued performing in these Sabhas such as Narada Gana Sabha, Krishna Gana Sabha, Brahma Gana Sabha, also the Music Academy, all in Chennai.

This daughter of Assam comprehensively presented dance recitals all over India and abroad as a professional. She had even performed before dignitaries and Royalty such as the then King Of Nepal in Kathmandu, who graciously came up to the stage to for a photocall and congratulate Pushpa for her stellar performance.

Pushpa Bhuyan and her 3 daughters had performed extensively all over the world in U.S.A., France, U.K., Belgium, Singapore, Thailand, Japan, Australia, and all the major places in India.
Pushpa also ran a Dance School in Melbourne, Australia and Lille, France.

During the celebration of the Fifty Years of Indian Independence, I.C.C.R. invited Pushpa and her troupe which included her daughters Vanita Nagpal, Sangeeta Mehta, Rita Raheja to be part of a cultural delegation to U.S.A. where they performed in cities like Los Angeles, Salt Lake City etc.

They showcased Assam's own Sattriya Dance in their repertoire while performing in these cities.

Their Dance recital in Salt Lake City U.S.A. was attended by a large number of university students and professors of the city, along with the local governor.

Pushpa's dance recitals in India had been covered by the national media like The Hindu, Indian Express, Times Of India, Hindustan Times, The Stateman etc.

She had appeared on the cover page of Femina, Kumudam (the largest circulated magazine in Tamil language). She had also appeared in the centre page of the erstwhile Illustrated Weekly of India.

In Australia, she was extensively covered by the internationally famous dance critic Ellin glick with two dozen photographs of her in different dance poses. Ellen Glick was assigned to cover her by the largest circulated, most prestigious english family magazine, "The Family circle" .
She was also spotlighted in "The Daily Sun" newspaper in Australia.

She was featured in Dr. Sunil Kothari’s book – ‘Sattriya , Classical Dance of Assam’ .

Pushpa was also classified as a Top Grade artiste by Doordarshan and gave some well admired performances in the prestigious National Programme of music and Dance on Doordarshan.

She had the privilege of being made a member of Doordarshan’s Central Audition Committee.

One of her big contributions to Assam was her classical dance institution "PUSHPANJALI CULTURAL ACADEMY"
established in Guwahati.
She and her husband Naba Kamal Bhuyan are the founder directors of "PUSHPANJALI CULTURAL ACADEMY" which was highly regarded as a reputed institution of Classical Dance in the North-East and regularly churns out praiseworthy Dancers with their Annual Diplomas in the "PUSHPANJALI DANCE FESTIVAL". The Pushpanjali Diplomas are greatly regarded all over India, in major Educational Colleges and Schools. More than 1000 students had graduated from Pushpanjali, over the years.

PUSHPA Bhuyan in her early years showed tremendous inclination towards the field of performing arts as she had also won a Gold Medal in Tabla, an instrument she played with masterful expertise.

Her most notable achievement was in the up-gradation of Assam's "SATTRIYA" dance from a "Traditional" dance form to the status of "Classical" dance.

She and her husband-Naba Kamal Bhuyan took up the noble cause of Upgrading the 500 year old dance form of Sattriya Nritya created by Sri Sri Sankar Dev and thereby giving it it's rightful status of "One of the Classical Dances of India".

With a singularly focused zeal, they carried out an extensive research for several years, where Naba Kamal Bhuyan and Pushpa produced many papers and articles about this dance form.

In this context, Pushpa Bhuyan, Naba Kamal Bhuyan and their research team which included their daughter -Sangeeta Bhuyan Mehta -went deep into the Dance Villages Of Assam called "Satras" and created a Documentary on the Sattriya Dance which was an Eye-Opener to the rest of India, indeed the World.

Doordarshan had engaged her and team to produce this Documentary which was much appreciated and created a major stir that was a stepping stone which led to the uprising of the hit her to unknown Sattriya Dance.

Pushpa Bhuyan and her Dance team comprising her 3 daughters and her students exposed the Sattriya Nritya to the world with their performances abroad and in India.

Her performances of Sattriya Dance in the National Programme of Music and Dance, Doordarshan were telecasted many times on National TV in the 1990s.

Pushpa's Sattriya Dances at Delhi's packed Kamani auditorium was covered by all the national newspapers.
All these efforts by her made it possible for a large section of dance enthusiasts and critics to bring this dance form under a scanner.

She performed the last recital of her career, a Sattriya dance performance, before an august audience of Sangeet Natak academy's governing body members in Guwahati. The same evening Sattriya Dance was declared as the Eighth Classical Dance of India by the Sangeet Natak Academy .