Choreography of

PUSHPA BHUYAN had choreographed several Specialized Dance items and Dance Dramas in her repertoire.

Her stylised choreography were often visual delights.

Most notable of her Dance Dramas were the DURGA DEVI BALLET AND KRISHNA LEELA.

The Durga Devi dance ballet had Pushpa Bhuyan in the role of Devi Durga with her three daughters Vanita Bhuyan Nagpal, Sangeeta Mehta, Rita Bhuyan Raheja and her troupe of students from Pushpanjali Cultural Academy.

The troupe assumed the various roles of other celestial deities such as Lord Shiva, Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu, Goddesses Lakshmi, Saraswati, Lord Indra, court dancers, Asuras and the much coveted role of the Demon King Mahishasura.

The music was exclusively composed for Pushpa Bhuyan wherein she would showcase this Dance Drama with live music always.

The Durga Devi dance ballet was performed extensively, where, unfailingly in the eyes of the audiences Pushpa Bhuyan would come ALIVE in the role as the Goddess Durga.

The Krishna Leela Dance Drama was one of Pushpanjali’s most popular productions.

Every aspect of Lord Krishna–‘Divine’ as well as ‘Human’ was portrayed in this Dance Ballet.

Divine:- The miraculous deeds of Lord Krishna was depicted here,

e.g. The Lifting of the Govardhanagiri mountain with His little finger, His mother Yashodha being shocked and awed by seeing the Three Worlds inside the tiny tot Krishna’s mouth, KaaliaDaman i.e. taming of the serpent Kaalia by defeating it and consequently dancing on its hood, Draupadi’s Vastraharan whereby He comes to her rescue. Imparting the Bhagavat Gita to Arjuna in the Kurukshtra battlefield.

Human:- The Dance Drama also featured various popular folklore of the naughty antics of Lord Krishna, right from when He was a toddler where along with His friends He would steal butter prepared by His mother Yashoda and the other village womenfolk, being punished by His mother where she would tie Him up with a rope, to His youth where He was romancing and teasing Radha and the Gopis (all the village belles) by hiding their clothes whilst they bathe in the Yamuna or breaking their water laden pots with pebbles.

The USP of Pushpa Bhuyan’s style of execution was that even fairly new students from Pushpanjali with little stage exposure compared to their seniors, were always encouraged by their Guru Pushpa Bhuyan to participate in all their Dance Ballet productions. It was the policy of Guru Pushpa Bhuyan, Naba Kamal Bhuyan and Pushpanjali Cultural Academy to include and encourage fairly new students to stage exposure so as to build up self confidence among students.

Besides these legendary Dance Dramas, there have been other prominent Dance Productions from the repertoire of Pushpanjali such as:-

TRISHAKTI depicting the Triumvirate of the Three Goddesses Parvati, Lakshmi, Saraswati.

Sangeeta Mehta’s special production:- a TRIBUTE to her mother Guru Pushpa Bhuyan aptly titled MOTHER whereby Sangeeta portrays her entire lifetime with Pushpa Bhuyan whom she denotes as the embodiment of SHAKTI – i.e. Strength to juggle a super successful career with a blissful family life.
Tracing her delightful life experiences with her mother right from birth to childhood to adulthood where her mother guides her like a best friend. The finale illustrates the inevitable for every parent – where the daughter flies the nest, marriage and tearful farewell. At this juncture, the mother with the help of her ever supportive husband rises like a Phoenix as the world waits her further contributions to her profession of classical dance. And so life goes on..

Especially for the repertoire of Pushpanjali Cultural Academy, Bhuyan created several unique compositions out of major Bharat Natyam items like VARNAMS, PADAMS, JATISWARAMS, TILLANAS and Sattriya items like JHUMURA , CHALI, NADUBHANGI etc.

Over the years Pushpa Bhuyan along with her daughter Sangeeta Mehta and current principal Ananya Talukdar Lakhar had created many dance compositions of social relevance addressing topics such as Environment, Green Earth, Dowry menace, Girl Child etc.