PUSHPA BHUYAN had spent her Lifetime dedicated to Indian Classical Dances and was a Maestro of Bharat Natyam, Kathak, Kuchipudi, Manipuri and Assam's own Sattriya Nritya.

PUSHPA BHUYAN trained in Bharat Natyam methodically in the world renowned 'Kalakshetra' under the direct tutelage of the illustrious Mega Guru-Rukmini Devi Arundale.
The great Rukmini Devi took a special interest in Pushpa who happened to be her FIRST disciple from the North East.

After Kalakshetra, Pushpa took Tanjorkar Kubernath Pillai as her Guru to learn the nuances of Bharat Natyam, adhering to Guru - Shishya Parampara. Kubernath Pillai was the nephew of the greatest Guru of this dance form - Chokalingam Pillai. Pushpa gave performances in most of the Sabhas of Chennai with her Guru Kubernath Pillai as the Nattuvanar.

Pushpa also had the privilege of training in the finer aspects of this Dance form from another great Guru-Muthaia Pillai, who was the son of Chokalingam Pillai. This she did in Bangalore after her marriage to Naba Kamal Bhuyan.

She had the honor of learning the deeper nuances of Abhinaya from the legendary Gauri Amma.

Simultaneously, Pushpa learnt the Kathak Dance form from Guru Vishnu Vaishalkar who was a disciple of Sunderlalji of Jaipur Gharana and later of Guru Shambhu Maharaj of Lucknow. Pushpa was lucky to be introduced to both these through Vaishalkar.

When Pushpa Bhuyan returned to Assam, she revived the 500 year old Assamese Traditional dance form SATTRIYA, which she had learned in her childhood, along with SATTRIYA Maestro Barbayan Tankeshwar Hazarika of Mul Kamalabari Satra, Titabor.

During her childhood she trained in Manipuri under Guru Rathindra Nath Sinha and later with Guru Kamini Sinha.