About Sangeeta Mehta

General Educational Qualification
B.Sc., Gauhati University, India.

Work Field :-

Performs and teaches BHARAT NATYAM, KATHAK, SANKARI-SATRIYA NRITYA of Assam and Modern Fusion Dances.

Gurus :-

GURU PUSHPA BHUYAN ( PADMASHREE ) founder-director Pushpanjali Cultural Academy for Bharat Natyam and Kathak ; GURU ADYAR K LAKSHMAN ( PADMASHREE ) for Bharat Natyam ; GURU VEMPATTI CHINNA SATYAM ( PADMABHUSHAN ) for Kuchipudi ; GURU BARBAYAN TANKESWAR HAZARIKA of Mul Kamalabari Satra for Sattriya Nritya.Bolshoi Ballet from the Galina Ulanova school of ballet at the Russian Cultural Centre in Chennai.

Credentials :-

Holder of the highest National Scholarship under the Scheme of scholarships to young artists in the field of Bharat Natyam awarded by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Govt.Of India.

Gold Medalist in the Inter Collegiate Classical Dance Competition held under the auspices of the Gauhati University Youth Festival.

Recognized by media and general public as popular Upcoming classical dance artiste in India.

Recognized in Indian community of Kuwait as a classical Dance artiste / choreographer of shows / compere / Scriptwriter for shows, plays.

Performances :-

Has extensive experience of stage and television Performances from a very young age.
Audiences include distinguished personalities like President, Prime Minister of India, Foreign and Indian V.V.I.P’s (e.g.Ambassador of India, Kuwait).Almost all important cities of India and many cities abroad in U.S.A., France, Australia, Kuwait etc.) Performed inIndian National Television (DOORDARSHAN) in the prestigious television Programme “National Programme of Dance.”

Other Activities And Recognition :-

Assistant Director of the largest classical Dance Institution in Assam Namely PUSHPANJALI CULTURAL ACADEMY, which has branches and has churned out more than a Thousand students till date.

An active member of the RESEARCH TEAM headed by Pushpa Bhuyan ( Padmashree ).The team conducted an Intensive research on the lost classical elements of the SANKARI–SATRIYA School of dance in Assam. The team succeeded in contributing to revive and uplift this dance, thereby elevating its status to that of the Eighth Classical Dance of India.

Anchor person and active member involved in the production, direction, post-production processes (editing etc) of a Television Documentary on the above mentioned Dance produced by Padmashree Pushpa Bhuyan and Mr. N.K.Bhuyan.

Choreographer of several Dance–Ballets in pure classical style as well as in the modern fusion style for various functions, stage shows, fashion shows etc.

Anchor person in Television documentary film and compere in fashion shows, entertainment events etc.in Kuwait.

Actress in stage plays in India and Dubai.

Creator, choreographer, director and Scriptwriter of a theme show called “An Ode to Icons of Beauty” held at the Indian Art Circle in Kuwait.The show featured prominent women achievers in history.

Creator, choreographer, director and Scriptwriter for a Fashion Show for NGO Jan Madhyam in Delhi, where Sangeeta herself had designed the Aasamese Attire of Mekhela Chadars showcased by the models.

Immortalised on Canvas by Anjanna Kuthiala, the famous Indian Artiste, painted a portrait of Sangeeta Mehta in her 2012 series ‘Maya Maa Shakti’ where the artiste had unveiled a series of portraits featuring 12 prominent Indian Women of Substance including Vidya Balan, Princess Diya Kumari etc.
Unveiling of Anjana Kuthiala's paintings
Lifetime Achievement Award For Pushpa Bhuyan